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Corvezzo -- 'Terre di Marca' Millesimato Prosecco Brut

Corvezzo -- 'Terre di Marca' Millesimato Prosecco Brut

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A good wine must also respect the environment and the health of consumers.” – John Corvezzo

Founded in 1960 in the small town of Cessalto, the family began in the 70s to experiment with a more Sustainable approach to viticulture. 2009 brought Organic farming, and 2020 was the start of their venture into Biodynamics. These folks are not messing around with their own environmental impact, and yet still making totally delicious bubbly. You CAN have both!

Grape: Glera 100%

Region: Treviso, Prosecco, Veneto, Italy

Farming: Organic

Winery: Aged 60 days on lees with Charmat (tank) method

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