Each month our sommelier Alexa puts together a totally unique selection of highly curated bottles of natural wine from around the world.

As always, the wines are from small family farms, made by real people with calloused hands and work boots. Let's respect their life's work and drink up!We love to foster a big tent here, so everything we sell is some combination of Organic, Biodynamic, Sustainable, Salmon Safe, LIVE Certified, wild yeast, and zero additives.

Mineralista is the name, Minimal Intervention Winemaking is the game. To celebrate the people and places behind the bottles, each box comes with a short story on each wine, plus pairing guidance.

Seasonality plays a huge role in how we put each box together, so in the winter months you'll find more hearty reds / robust whites / celebratory bubbles, and in the summer we lean heavy on rosé / crisp whites / chill-able reds. And if we find something irresistible at any time of the year, we owe it to you to share it!