Who We Are

Hello, I am Alexa Skilling, founder and sommelier at Mineralista Wines. 
I founded Mineralista out of a desire to share the hidden world of small producers with friends and family, and now you!

The silver lining of 2020 was the opportunity to create the business that I had been nurturing in my heart for years.

After more than a decade in the wine industry and a number of sommelier exams and certifications, it was time to voice my own perspective on wine and what deserves the spotlight. My passion for wine and service, the strong pull to support farmers around the world who are nurturing the land for future generations, plus an everlasting love for celebrating life with family and friends -- that is the recipe for Mineralista Wines.

Three giant corporations produce more than half of all wine sold in the US, with the top five producing 2/3. This kind of market consolidation is bad for the Earth, the farmer, small businesses, and the consumer. To sustain these commercial interests, up to 70 additives are used throughout the vineyard and the winery to control the way a wine looks and tastes. There is a better way. The way wine has been made for thousands of years, with care and attention to the Earth; to the soil, waterways, wildlife, people, and the planet.

Through seeking out independent producers of natural wine in all corners of the globe, we at Mineralista strive to promote this more sustainable way of farming and making wine. We make it easier for you to make good decisions for yourself and the planet by delivering thoughtfully made and delicious wines straight to your doorstep. We are glad you are here -- now, let's drink some wine!