Curated collections of thoughtfully made wines from independent producers around the world, delivered straight to your doorstep.


    Every month we curate a seasonal mix of new and exciting wines made by independent winemakers from around the world, bridging the gap between the familiar and the exciting.


    Choose your price and personality, from Fun, Fabulous, Fancy, or Customize your own!


    Get ready for some good times! Wine Club is released around the 15th of each month; local delivery available to many addresses in King County plus statewide shipping throughout Washington.

Wine is a little bit science, a little bit art. Mix in the history, language, and geography and you've got the most fascinating product on earth.

Did you know that more than half of all the wines you find at the grocery store are made by just 3 giant corporations? That means commercial additives to control the way a wine looks and tastes.

Here at Mineralista, we appreciate wine for its uniqueness and individuality -- wines with heart and soul, that you simply can't find at the grocery store.

There is amazing wine to be found at each price point. No matter your budget, you can trust that each bottle you receive from Mineralista has been carefully selected for quality, both in taste & how it was made.







  • Single Bottle Retail

    Still dreaming about a bottle in last month's box? Curious about what we've sold in the past? Not into surprises? All of the wines at Mineralista from past boxes plus a few more are also sold individually. We deliver these to you within 5 business days ($50 minimum purchase).

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  • Custom Orders

    Had a life-changing bottle at a restaurant last week and simply must have a case of it for your cellar? Already know your favorite house wine but still want to support a local small business? Any bottle that can be found in the Seattle area can be found by us and delivered to your home.

    Custom orders 
  • Weddings, Parties, Events, & More

    We know you pour your heart and soul into every detail of a special party, from choosing the venue down to arranging the seating chart; you want every detail to be perfect and intentional. There is incredible wine at every price-point, and we will help you find it!

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