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Piot-Sevillano -- Brut Rosé 'Ame de la Rive Droit'

Piot-Sevillano -- Brut Rosé 'Ame de la Rive Droit'

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While the family history in winemaking and agriculture goes back 10 generations to the 1700s, 1954 brought the modern era for the Piot Family when they first began making wine from their own grapes, which until then was unheard of in the Champagne Region. 1975 brought the next generation; Isabelle married a Spaniard, Nicolas Sévillano, and they became Piot-Sévillano. Nicolas had no background in wine but knew the value of this opportunity given by his in-laws and quickly learned the trade. Now it’s time for the new generation, Christine & Vincent. An exceedingly natural winery, their HVE (Haute Valeur Environnementale) Certification ensures the environment around them will be held to the highest standard. They even have some trusty equine friends who help keep the grass short!

Grape: Pinot Meunier 70%, Chardonnay 15%, Pinot Noir 15%

Region: Vincelles, Valle de la Marne, Champagne, France

Farming: HVE, Organic, horse powered mower!

Winery: 70% reserve wine / 30% 2019 vintage, ged on lees 36 months, 7g/l dosage, low SO2

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