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Famille Moutard -- Climat 'Les Perrières' Champagne

Famille Moutard -- Climat 'Les Perrières' Champagne

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A ‘climat’ is a very special thing indeed. However it is typically only used in Burgundy. However as the Moutard Family’s roots extend to both neighboring regions, they adopt it here to describe an exceptional plot of land, one that grows a single grape to be made into a single wine, with zero dosage added. A true expression of the land, and terroir.

As someone who has personal experience working for family, and has observed other examples of this unique experience, I can tell you I am SO impressed by what the Moutard Family has been able to accomplish. Most family projects have 2 maybe 3 relatives working, and usually on separate aspects. This is a polished wine producing house, spanning two regions, and even into the world of distilling. All while living in a small town and working closely with nearly a dozen family members. Clearly I am curious about the interpersonal dynamics here, but the wine also impresses! 

The history of Famille Moutard in Champagne began in 1958 when Lucien Moutard married into a family whose ancestors first cultivated vines on these hills in 1642.

Grape: Pinot Noir 100%

Region: Les Perrières Vineyard, Côte des Bar, Aube, Champagne, France

Farming: Hand harvested, 32 year old vines ‘Les Perrières’ Vineyard, Sustainable Farming, clay/limestone soil

Winery: Gentle pneumatic press in stainless, primary fermentation in Burgundian Oak, second fermentation on lees for 4 years, zero dosage

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