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de Stefani -- Naturalmente Bianco

de Stefani -- Naturalmente Bianco

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The winery dates back to 1866, with Valeriano de Stefani at the helm since 2007. Not only are they committed to farming without herbicides or chemical fertilizers and producing without added preservatives or sulfites, sustainability is perhaps even more a key pillar of their philosophy. Their commitment to sustainability extends, as it should, beyond the vineyard and winery into the community, for who are we saving the planet for if not our neighbors?

Verging on the 'orange wine' category, this drinks enough like a white to call it a white, and enough like an orange to still mention the qualities. A good place to start if you are beginning your natural orange wine journey!

Grape: Pinot Grigio 100%

Region: Veneto, Italy

Farming: Biodynamic, Organic, sustainable, hand harvested

Winery: Fermented 30 days on skins, aged 6-8 months in concrete, wild yeast, spontaneous fermentation, zero manipulation in winery, unfiltered

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