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Château de Minière -- Rouge de Minière

Château de Minière -- Rouge de Minière

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If you are switching careers from the mining industry into wine, increased romance must be part of the appeal. When now-owners Kathleen & Sigurd laid eyes on this fairy-tale castle in the beautiful and lush Loire Valley in 2010, they knew it was meant to be. An easy drinking red that is incredibly varietally correct. You’ll walk away knowing what Cab Franc smells like, that’s for sure!

Grape: Cabernet Franc 100%

Farming: Organic, wild yeast, hand harvested, unfined/unfiltered, no additives, low S02, 30-50 year old vines

Winery: De-stemmed, spontaneously fermented in stainless with wild yeast, aged 6-9 months in stainless, unfined/unfiltered, no additives, low S02

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