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Ximenes-Spinola -- Exceptional Harvest

Ximenes-Spinola -- Exceptional Harvest

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Nerdy wine alert! Rare! Unique!

The Pedro Ximénez grape was brought over from its native Germany more than 500 years ago, and has now evolved into its own species unlike anything on earth. Grown exclusively in the southern Spanish region of Jerez, it is usually just a small part of a winegrower’s harvest. Not so with Ximenez-Spinola; currently in the 9th generation, they work solely with PX, and are the only winery in the world to do so.

"Out of respect for the freedom of all wine lovers and in order not to condition their personal creativity, XIMÉNEZ-SPÍNOLA has as a rule not to recommend pairing with any of its elaborations.” – That being said, this is a fantastic food wine. Drink with anything spicy, savory, fresh aromatics. Paté, stinky cheese, roasted root veg. NB – This is not your traditional syrupy, dessert PX. This drinks like a full-bodied white wine with low RS.

Grape: Pedro Ximénez 100%

Region: Jerez, Spain

Farming: Organic, hand harvested after 21 days extra hang time

Winery: Spontaneous ferment with wild yeast in American oak Sherry barrels, aged on lees for 10-12 months, bâtonnage, unfined/unfiltered, zero additives

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