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Viña Marty -- Goutte d’Argent

Viña Marty -- Goutte d’Argent

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I like to think that all of the wines I choose are interesting, and they are, for one reason or another. But this one has a truly unique quality: it is fermented with saké yeast n°7. This is a very unique type of yeast that allows the fermentation temperature to remain very low, which preserves the complex and subtle aromas and flavors produced during fermentation. Only members of the saké producers federation are allowed to use this special yeast, and Viña Marty is honored to be the only non-Japanese member. This wine is a global blend of Chilean terroir, French winemaking, and ancient Japanese history.

Grape: Sauvignon Blanc 100%

Region: Valle de Leyda, Aconcagua, Chile

Farming: Sustainable

Winery: Aged in stainless, fermented with saké yeast n°7
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