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Grape Expectations

Heller -- ‘Bonne Fortune’ Syrah

Heller -- ‘Bonne Fortune’ Syrah

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“Every year, I walk the vineyard to find hidden treasures, in search of terroirs to offer Certified Organic wines, fruity while remaining mineral and fresh, at affordable prices.” – Quentin

Quentin Heller has made a name for himself investing in “blue chip wineries” … and while Mineralista always prioritizes where and how a wine was made rather than who made it, this is a lovely intersection of those often contradicting priorities.

Bright and very ripe fruit, juice bomb without being a fruit bomb. Earth on the nose, fruit on the palate, easy goes it. Sometimes you buy for the label, sometimes you buy for the juice. And this is good juice. SRP $15

Grape: Syrah 100%

Region: Rhône Valley, France

Farming: Organic

Winery: not a lot of easily accessed info for this wine, will update the website as I learn more!

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