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Gutiérrez Colosía -- 'Sangre y Trabajadero' Oloroso

Gutiérrez Colosía -- 'Sangre y Trabajadero' Oloroso

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Not your grandmother's Sherry! 

This Bodega was founded in 1838 and remains family owned and operated by Juan Carlos and Carmen Gutíerrez-Colosía. Theirs is one of the last independently owned and operated bodegas in the entire region; new wineries in this region are unheard of, and their peers continue to be bought by the large Sherry corporations. As with many traditional things in the world, it is simply too costly to continue -- the process of making Sherry by hand is one of the most unique skills in all of winemaking.

 Of all the bodegas in the Sherry Triangle, Gutiérrez-Colosía is the closest to the Atlantic Ocean, at the mouth of the Guadalete River. Their proximity to the sea gives their barrels unusual access to cool and salty breezes all year long, allowing their special ‘flor’ to impart its magic on the Sherries. The Levante (east) and Pontiente (west) winds rush through town, keeping the Bodega at a consistent temperature and humidity all year despite the intense heat this region is known for.

Their barrels range in age from 50-100 years old, and they make all styles of Sherry right there in the bodega.

Grapes: Palomino 100%

Region: El Puerto de Santa Maria, Spain

Good To Know: Aged (oxidized) for minimum 7 years in old oak barrel / dry, rich, nutty, 18% ABV -- must be served chilled!

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