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Douloufakis -- Dafnios Vidiano

Douloufakis -- Dafnios Vidiano

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"If wine is just a word for you, for me it is the life I've chosen!"
-- Nikos Douloufakis
With 4 generations in his family plus 4,000 years of history in Crete, Nikos is part is part of a living history through these vines. Along with other young winemakers who are also reviving nearly-forgotten varietals such as Vidiano, Niko ensures that future generations will continue to enjoy this link to the past. Traditional practices in the vineyard along with a modernization of the winery are the perfect combination.
This Vidiano is a wonderful combination of a rich, full palate, with a clean purity that takes it to the next level of elegance. Pairs well with lighter fare such as fish or poultry, and creamy pasta dishes.

Grapes: Vidiano 100%

Region: Crete, Greece

Good to know: Organic, hand harvested, aged in stainless

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