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Domaine les Serrals -- Sur le Zinc

Domaine les Serrals -- Sur le Zinc

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“In the vineyard as in the cellar we seek balance.”

Sounds easy enough in theory, but in our increasingly automated and mechanized world, it takes real effort to go back to basics. Luckily Chloé & Fred are up for the challenge. Neither descend from a wine family, but they shared a passion and drive to seek out their own patch of land to raise their two young children, and in 2016 did just that. They farm naturally, intervene minimally, and experiment as much as possible each year.

Grape: Syrah 60%, Carignan 40%

Region: Faugères, Languedoc-Roussillon, France

Farming: Organic (AB), Biodynamic (Demeter), hand harvested, gobelet trained vines

Winery: Spontaneous fermentation with wild yeast, carbonic maceration, aged in stainless

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