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Domaine la Grange Tiphaine -- Delecheneau Trinqu'âmes

Domaine la Grange Tiphaine -- Delecheneau Trinqu'âmes

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Another perfect example to prove the point that you don’t need lab coats and test tubes to produce perfect wine. This Sauv Blanc is, in a word, perfect. It tastes delicious, and it was made by a passionate, fun-loving couple adhering to the highest natural standards in both vineyard and winery. What more could you ask for? After meeting in oenology school, Coralie & Damien Delecheneau eventually decided to return to Damien’s native Touraine to take over his family’s estate as the 5th generation. Trinqu'âmes is a very cute French pun meaning "Let's toast to our souls." 

Grape: Sauvignon Blanc 100% 

Region: Touraine, Loire Valley, France

Farming: Biodynamic (Biodyvin), organic, 40 year old vines, hand harvested, unploughed

Winery: Spontaneous fermentation with wild yeast, aged 6 months on lees in concrete & fiberglass tank

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