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Domaine de la Tourlaudière -- Petit Origami Pét-Nat

Domaine de la Tourlaudière -- Petit Origami Pét-Nat

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A delightfully delicious example of what natural wine can be in 2021. Winemaker Romain Petiteau now leads this 17th century estate into the future by matching ancient techniques with modern ideas, and the Petit Origami is a perfect example of his creativity. Just take one look at the list of grapes that made this wine! It’s no wonder the designation is simply Vin de France; he isn’t following any rules and we are okay with that!

Grape: Pinot Gris 45%, Cabernet Franc 17%, Cabernet Sauvignon 17%, Chardonnay 10%, Melon de Bourgogne 5%, Pinot Noir 5%

Region: Muscadet, Loire Valley, France

Farming: Organic, 100% estate fruit from vines 35-80 years old

Winery: Pétillant Natural (ancestral method), wild yeast, spontaneous fermentation, bottled during fermentation, unfined/unfiltered, zero additives

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