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D. Ventura -- Pena do Lobo 2015

D. Ventura -- Pena do Lobo 2015

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Ramón Losada is the picture of the humble farmer. Working the land as has been done for centuries all by hand and with traditional methods, it wasn’t until 1999 that he even began selling his wine, for up until then it was just for his family and friends. This is a very remote and rugged part of the world, with dangerously steep river banks along which vines and people alike eke their existence. ‘Pena do Lobo’ or ‘The Cry of the Wolf’ honors the days long ago when wolves outnumbered humans along these same shores.

2015 is an older vintage than we usually sell, but luckily the acid and dense fruit on this wine allow it to age gracefully. Ready to drink!

Grape: Mencía 100%

Region: Ribeira Sacra, Galicia, Spain

Farming: Organic, steeply terraced vineyards along the river, 90 year old vines, hand harvested

Winery: Spontaneous fermentation with wild yeast in stainless, unfiltered

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