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Strade Bianche

Colle Petruccio -- Stralunato Bianco

Colle Petruccio -- Stralunato Bianco

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“The farm is certified organic, fermentation is spontaneous, and minimal intervention in the cellar, which is possible thanks to the environment and the excellent terroir around the vineyard.”

If only everyone thought this way. Start with a healthy vineyard and community, and it isn’t that hard to get a fantastic product even without a ton of human manipulation. Winemaker Sandro Ruffo has been devoted to winemaking and viticulture since a young age. However the pressures of society drove him to pursue the life of a lawyer in the city, and he succeeded. But after 20 years of the grind, his passion for the vine won him over. He settled in Maremma, the wild coastline of Tuscany, surrounded by Roman ruins built into the winery.

Grapes: Vermentino 80%, Trebbiano 15%, Malvasia 5%

Region: Tuscany, Italy

Good To Know: Organic, ambient yeast, stainless, unfined/unfiltered

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