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Château Pierre-Bise -- Crémant de Loire

Château Pierre-Bise -- Crémant de Loire

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A relatively short family history for this region, the Papin family has been making wine at this estate since 1959. Current winemaker René Pepin maintains a very sustainable way of farming: synergistic agriculture, a practice outlined by Japanese agronomist and scientist Masanobu Fukuoka, that while exceedingly natural, has been put into a structure that many around the globe are beginning to follow. Synergistic agriculture pays close attention to soil health by not plowing or leaving bare the soil, to the trees by promoting biodiversity, and to other living creatures in the vineyard from insects and birds as natural pest control to larger animals such as sheep and cows who give back to the soil as well as help tend the vines.

Grapes: Chenin Blanc 100%

Region: Savennières, Loire Valley, France

Farming: Organic, hand harvested, 25 year old vines

Winery: Ambient yeast, minimal filtration, zero additives, 2g/l dosage, 24 months aging on lees in bottle 

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