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Château des Annibals -- La Cuvée des Annibals

Château des Annibals -- La Cuvée des Annibals

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Château des Annibals is the oldest winery in the heart of Provence, dating back to 1772. Today current owner and winemaker Nathalie Coquelle is dedicated to sustainability both in the vineyard and winery, running a Certified Organic Winery powered 100% by renewable solar and wind energy. The French phrase at the bottom of the front label has a sweet, if old-fashioned story: it translates to "follow me young man" and harkens back to the 1700s when women would wear hats with two pieces of lace trailing down to the small of their back, and men would supposedly be entranced to follow them. Nowadays I'm not sure women enjoy being followed by men... but at least this wine is one to desire!

Grapes: Grenache, Cinsault, Syrah, Rolle (Vermentino), & Ugni Blanc

Region: Pays du Var, Provence, France

Good to know: Biodynamic, Organic, Sustainable, aged 5 months in stainless on lees

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