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Château de Pampelonne -- Rosé

Château de Pampelonne -- Rosé

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The Gasquet family has owned and tended this land for many generations. In the 1800s during the Napoleonic regime, one of the Ancestors of the Gasquet family, André Falcon, had to travel from Marseille to Italy very often as a treasurer for the government. To give himself some comfort along the long route, he buys land mid-way through and eventually builds a house there for his family. They planted their first 2 hectares after WWI, and have now grown to more than 50. Their farming is Sustainable thanks to their adherence to HVE standards, and they are doing their part to keep the endangered ancient regional grape of Tibouren alive.

Grape: Grenache, Syrah, Carignan, Tibouren, & Mourvèdre

Region: Côtes de Provence, Provence, France

Farming: Partial hand-harvest at night to preserve freshness, sandy soil, HVE Sustainable (High Environmental Value)

Winery: Direct press, aged on lees 4 months in stainless

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