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Cellers Unió -- Method Ancestral 'Suprem' Pet Nat

Cellers Unió -- Method Ancestral 'Suprem' Pet Nat

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Co-ops like this one bring like-minded farmers in a central area together to pool resources. Originally founded in 1942, Cellars Unió remains committed to its people and the land.

Grape: Garnacha Blanca 100%

Region: Priorat, Catalunya, Spain

Farming: Sustainable, vineyards among olive groves, forest, and stone

Winery: Ancestral method: wine is bottled partway through its primary fermentation, trapping the CO2 in the bottle. When the desired level of CO2 is reached, the wine is chilled and disgorged, but no dosage (sugar) is added

Alexa’s Musings: Okay so this was sweeter than I had planned on, but still really delicious. If you open this up and decide it is sweeter than you are looking for, here’s what I did – I used it as a cocktail mixer! Take a large tumbler, fill it halfway with ice, add about ½ Cellers Unio Pet Nat, an (optional) shot of something like tequila, and top it off with your sparkling water of choice (I used Spindrift Strawberry Lemonade), and a squeeze of any fresh citrus. Delish.

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