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Celler Pardas -- Sus Scrofa

Celler Pardas -- Sus Scrofa

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This lighter red should be served with a slight chill! As in, put it in the fridge about an hour before you want to drink it. As such, it’s a fantastic option for red as the weather warms up.

Pardas is one of my favorite wineries in all of Spain. Their dedication to bringing back to life long-neglected indigenous grape varietals, coupled with total natural winemaking standards, inspires me to seek out equally worthy projects around the globe. It also gives me hope and confidence that natural wine can indeed be made in a delicious, clean, and affordable style.

Grape: Sumoll 100%

Region: Penedès, Spain

Farming: Certified Organic, zero pesticides/herbicides/chemicals, un-ploughed soil, hand harvested

Winery: Partial carbonic maceration, spontaneous fermentation with wild yeast and aged in stainless steel
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