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Cantina Orsogna -- Lunaria Cerasualo d'Abruzzo Rose

Cantina Orsogna -- Lunaria Cerasualo d'Abruzzo Rose

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A community of green-hearted winemakers on the slopes of the Maiella.

Cantina Orsogna is a VERY progressive cooperative of 31 growers in Italy’s central province of Abruzzo. 100% Organic since 2002, and the largest Biodynamic Italian wine producer, having been certified by Demeter since 2005. Their focus is truly on a holistic approach in both vineyard and winery, with careful attention paid at each interval – from the inextricable link between pollinating bees & yeast, to the OG renewable material of wool, showcased in a delicate tie on each bottle made from sheep with whom they share the land. 

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