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Bodegas Victoria Ordóñez -- 'La Pasajera' Verdejo

Bodegas Victoria Ordóñez -- 'La Pasajera' Verdejo

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“The philosophy of the winery is to make quality wines in a historic and currently almost extinct wine-growing area: Montes de Málaga, with sustainability criteria.”

Victoria Ordóñez is a trailblazer in the wine world with a bold move: bringing back the classic Pedro Ximénez grape from the Montes de Málaga. She is passionate about reviving the traditional dry style that fell out of fashion after phylloxera crashed the party. They searched high and low for some PX vines throughout Málaga, and even threw in a few Moscatel for good measure, and since 2015 have been well on their way to reviving not only indigenous varietals but long-forgotten styles.

Grapes: Verdejo 100%

Good To Know: Hand harvested into boxes, ambient yeast ‘pied de cuve’, aged on lees in stainless

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