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Antech Limoux -- Blanquette de Limoux Cuvée Tradition Brut

Antech Limoux -- Blanquette de Limoux Cuvée Tradition Brut

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I love a powerful matriarch. Two through the centuries is even better. Six generations ago in the late 1800s Zélie and Jules began what we now know as Antech. The early 1900s brought Eugénie, “dynamic, courageous, and modern until she was 96, lived through wars unbowed and ensured the winery’s long-term future survival.” 1965 the brothers Georges and Roger decide to exclusively make sparkling wines. Finally the modern era, 1996 brings Françoise, Georges’ “bold & fiery daughter” to carry on the tradition and raise Antech into the ranks of the greatest sparkling winemakers. In addition to her passion for preserving her family’s heritage, Françoise is also a fervent advocate of social and cultural action in her community.

Grape: Mauzac, Chenin Blanc, Chardonnay

Region: Limoux, Languedoc-Roussillon, France

Farming: Sustainable, hand harvested, 20-40 year old vines

Winery: Traditional method, aged 15 months in cellar, 10g/l dosage
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